As the first interface developed by the State following the Rupture, the Masquerade has long-existed as a critical part of Our Beloved System. Designed to combat the social ill that was the isolation resulting from modernity - most easily seen in the dramatic increase in divorce rates in the 1980s and the culture around bulletins leading up to the Rupture itself - the Masquerade is, above all else, about connection. Though the first iteration fell short of its intent, leading to the first High Court decision on the constitutional nature of code, the Masquerade re-emerged last year as the best embodiment of its original intent: to bring Our People closer together, building a more Perfect Union across the State and in every home.

While your ability to take the Survey means you have completed a course of study, either independent or in school, regarding the mechanics of the Masquerade, we want to provide you a brief refresher of its features and its rules. Informed by cutting-edge psychological research, the State has determined that partnership is a necessity for the well-being of Our People. To this effect, as of the Partnership Act of 1992, all people are required to find a match before the age of 34, or otherwise be assigned into a State Assigned and Approved Partnership (SAAP). Furthermore, all persons over the age of 24 are required to show express compliance to fulfill this Act until one expresses interpersonal commitment through a LockingIn ceremony. Above all else, the State wants to ensure that no citizen becomes socially-ostracized or an outsider of any sort, as such can cause irreparable harm to the citizen involved and Our People. With this in mind, the Masquerade is built for others to be able to see you as you truly are (with as few preconceived notions as possible). In the Masquerade, we give you the power to become the Mask you have chosen. You are free to be you here.

As stated, entry into the Masquerade is one way of keeping in compliance with the Partnership Act, cutting out the extra hurdles RealLifers - that is, those who choose to pursue relationships without the help of the Masquerade - have to go through in order to prove their continued effort to finding partnership. In the Masquerade, your CheckUps from the State are inherent and non-invasive to your participation, which begins on the Monday following the processing of your Survey responses. Each week, you will be placed in a private message with an individual appointed to you by the Matchmaker, who will oversee that your conversations keep in line with the ethics of this enterprise. During this week period, you will have a scheduled frame for each day - whether that be free talk or a conflict resolution puzzle - which you will be notified of ahead of time. On the seventh day of communicating with your potential partner, you will each vote separately whether you would like to be Unmasked or not, indicating your desire to explore this partnership as offline. If both of you approve, you will be forwarded each other’s contact information to throw an Unmasking Ceremony. If one or both of you disapprove, you will be given the opportunity to take a rest week - requiring one short reflection on partnership - or to start a different potential partnership.

The Matchmaker will be in your chat to ensure the following rules are enforced. Failure to comply may lead to banning from the Masquerade and possible prosecution:

You may not reveal personally identifiable information, other than that paramount to your self-conception [in accordance with Amitav vs. The State (1994)].

You may not schedule to meet in person unless you are Unmasked.

You may not employ threats or hate speech.

You may not sell products through this service.


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